Aspers, Pennsylvania

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Aspers, Pennsylvania is a small area of land nestled in between Harrisburg and Gettysburg.  Recording a Population of 2,211 people in 2012, the median age being 41 years old.  Aspers, is a Latin word meaning harsh, rough, and severe.  This may be a reflection of the sweeping landscape and undulating mountain ranges that make up the geological composition of the area.


Aspers has direct routes that link it to surrounding cities such as Shippensburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg, York, and Gettysburg.  Being primarily farm land and hill sides, Aspers is sprawl of land encompassing nearly 0.55 square miles (1.42 km), of which 0.53 square miles (1.36 km) is land and 0.037 miles (0.06 km), or 4.40%, is water.

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The highlighted area represents a proposed area for a multitude of possibilities.  Surrounded by Ely Orchards, and having a lot of tree coverage, the site presents an interesting dichotomy of water and land.  "Opossum Run" [blue], a main stream that runs throughout Aspers, splits directly through the site.  A split off of Opossum Run, "Yutdut run" [pink], traverses directly through the site as well, intersecting almost directly at the center.  This will offer an opportunity for water re-cycling/re-use/re-purposing.