Site Analysis

martin site analysis) copy.jpg

This is a quick analysis that I put together after my site visit the other day.  There are two entrances to the property.  One access way is on the east side that goes directly in front of the existing house and links to the existing driveway, and the other is from the north and links you to the other side of the stream.  The bridge is pretty large, constructed of steel and wood, it is about 60 feet long and 12 foot wide.  The existing house is located (larger building), and along with the existing studio (smaller building).  A tree recently took out part of the studio and it will more than likely be demolished.  Prevailing winds come from the west and follow the ridge-line to the east.  The stream creates some nice sound that is more noticeable at the larger parts.  Traffic presents some sound pollution as well, but it is often muffled by the stream.  There is a large "flood area" that is mainly wetlands.  It often floods and would be pointless to consider building around that site.

All in all, the site is really unique.  The more I walked around, the more I could see the opportunity for architecture.  As I reach the deadline for milestone one, I am pleased with the progress, and I feel ahead of the game.  I am anxious to start some models/paintings/drawings.  I plan on cranking out the scope of design, and programmatic needs for the structure tomorrow; after that, the fun will begin.