Site Model

I began to construct my site plan today.  I told Professor Morphew I would get it done tonight.  He gave me a look of doubt.  Ultimately, he proved much wiser than I, but I am proud of how much I got done in a short time.  Building this site; watching it come to life, brings to mind how anxious I am to get started on the design.  

My research phase shed new light, and a new perspective on my outlook towards our jobs and responsibilities as designers.  We have a duty to the client, and a duty to nature.  I really hope that this online communication will prove beneficial as I am sure throughout the process I will be able to fine tune my methods and functionality.

Milestone #3 consist of the following:

1) 3 model iterations displaying form, concept, and orientation.

2) 3 matching drawing/sketch iterations displaying rough concepts, diagrams and sections.

3) Also, the addition of both digital, and physical site model.

4) Rough outline that starts to fill in how I will address the Malcolm Wells Model.

5) Slideshow to demonstrate my process, and progress up until this point.