Iteration #2 TERRACE

I felt the need to experiment a little bit with this one.  I knew that the hill on the south side would make a really interesting place to propose a structure.  I wanted to look at another option that I thought presented some interesting things about it too.  The ultimate goal for this iteration was to create a berm and funnel the airflow through the structure.  I also wanted to create a mezzanine level for the second floor that overlooked the living and kitchen space.  This would allow me to achieve light while also being able to add solar gain to the space.  I also made half of the roof garden terraces, and one large sloping roof that overflows directly into a percolation bed that ultimately acts as an overflow for flooding and sends water off of the building directly back into the stream once it filters through the percolation bed.The berm helps to channel the airflow through the open cooridor and passes through the other side of the structure.

This option has a few good things about it.  It utilizes a rather small footprint.  It allows for a lot of southern light an solar gain.  Overhangs and terraces shield for passive cooling.  The percolation bed addresses water run off.  Small northern windows minimize heat loss.  The problem with this version would be that it is very close to a flood plane, and access would have to be addressed to get across of the smaller "Yut-Dut Run".  I felt I had to at least try one that could take advantage of the southern facing orientation.


This option is really interesting to me; I am surprised it turned out as well as it did for my intuition to use the hill first.  This one really has a lot of potential as far as sustainable strategies goes.  I am anxious to finish up my iteration 3.  These first two have been intuitively my style and natural design.  I am really going to try and mix it up for this last iteration.