Iteration #3 Razorback

My third iteration was an accumulation of ideas from the previous two, as well as implementing new ideas with water, waste, and solar panels.  This concept is still a little bit loose but that is mainly because the concepts are rough ideas and also need fine tuned.  The main goal is to use gardening as a roof top surface as well as using it to collect water.  The water would be stored in aquifers or dry well beds above the kitchen area.  This strategy would use the water as a way to transfer thermal energy, and act as an insulator.  Also, it would allow for the collection and mitigation of the collected water to use for other needs

The idea of the "razorback" is to get the most gain from the south.  I used the site to direct a 45 degree angle off of the tip of the ridge.  This allowed me to accept southern light from the side, and into the living space.  This idea is conveyed in plan as well as in section.  The angles introduce light to the space and create a plane for solar collectors to rest as well.

This has a lot of promising strategies and ideas.  They need to be fine tuned and polished.  I need to look at heat/loss, energy needed from solar panels, and how much water to allow for the aquifers to accept.